Leadership Programmes at Work

Leadership Programmes at Work

Our Customised Leadership Programmes will ensure that your organisation operates at optimum levels. Invest in your workforce and you will reap the long term benefits to your organisation. Whether your organisation is preparing for major change or looking to build individual or organisational competency in a particular area, your leaders will gain the required skills.

We can train your management personnel to:

  • direct, guide and inspire your workforce to realise the goals of your organisation;
  • maximise productivity and contribute to the smooth, internal running of your organisation;
  • deal successfully with business partners, competitors, influential actors and agencies;
  • manage every member of your personnel so that your organisation operates as a cohesive unit;
  • assist others in maximising their productivity and potential;
  • contribute to your organisation being able to deliver a clear, consistent message to those with whom it works.

All our programmes are developed on a highly practical, skills-based framework. We empower those we train to return to the organisation with the mindset, skills, and strategies needed to contribute more broadly as leaders. By the time participants complete the programmes, they will have the tools and confidence they need to succeed in their role.

Designing Your Programme

Working in a collaborative environment, we will assess your needs and tailor courses accordingly.

We recognise that every institution is different and has specific requirements. Together we will create a tailor-made programme to achieve your objectives. Each customised programme offers a unique learning experience which centres on identifying underlying challenges and composing solutions that deliver results. We will ensure that your needs are at the heart of the design and development of the programme.



The first step of developing a customised programme for you is to carry out an assessment of institutional needs, and to identify underlying issues and challenges.


Once we have carried out an analysis of the factors limiting success, together with you, aims & objectives are agreed and goals are set. Ongoing collaboration helps us to produce a programme that meets your desired outcomes.


The curriculum and learning materials are developed to meet identified needs. We design the programme in the most appropriate format, with each aspect designed in a manner that optimises the learning experience. Our training sessions range from on-site intensive sessions; one-to-coaching; masterclasses and workshops concentrating on particular skills; residential programmes; to a more prolonged and on-going blended programme.


We create a stimulating and engaging environment in which to deliver our programmes. Our programmes are designed to develop deep personal insight, build a high-level skill set, and to increase leadership capabilities through a variety of mechanisms.

Continuous Assessment

We use a process of mutual, continuous assessment to ensure that participants get the most out of our programmes. We assess you to ensure you are learning, retaining, and building upon the skills taught. Detailed feedback from you allows us to examine, evaluate, refresh and fine-tune our programmes objectives, content and methodologies.

Post Programme Support

We continue to provide on-going support after the Programme ends, should you want it. We are committed to ensuring that our programmes contributes to you and your organisations long term success.

Programme Development Team

We work collaboratively with our clients to tailor and develop programmes that are results-driven and genuinely transform the performance of individuals.

We are committed to providing value to every organisation we partner with, and achieve this by developing an in-depth understanding of our client’s institution and the challenges they face. Our approach involves a continuous assessment of the needs of the individual and institution to identify the key objectives.

The Directors of Counsel for Leadership, along with their dedicated support team, ensure that you and your institution receive an outstanding service at all stages of the programme.

Our Head of Programmes coordinates the delivery of the programme both in the UK and abroad, manages the ongoing relationship, and acts as a consistent point of contact.

An Assessment & Evaluation Team of barristers led by Queens Counsel, carry out pre-programme assessments and evaluations of individual participants and their organisations. They then tailor or re-design the programme to meet the requirements.

Our Head of Quality Assurance carries out continuous internal assessments and evaluations to ensure the programme matches the client’s objectives and expectations, and is delivered to the highest standard.