Witness Statement & Investigation Reports

Witness Statement & Investigation Reports

Writing reports & statements is a crucial part of handling complaints & the investigation process. Good written evidence can result in early resolutions. However, if poorly written, they can lack clarity, credibility and objectivity.

Programme Objective

Improve the content, structure and style of your statements/ reports to insulate them against cross examination.

Key Benefits

  • Consider best practice criteria for witness statements and investigation reports;
  • Use of contemporaneous notes as a basis of writing statements/reports;
  • Identify the key aspects in statement writing and avoiding bias or exaggeration;
  • Identify the key stages in report writing, issues, facts, reasoning & recommendation;
  • Analyse and evaluate strengths and weaknesses in the evidence;
  • Write in a clear, concise & accessible style;
  • Use of exhibits, appendices, plans, photos, maps.