Women’s Executive Leadership Programme

Women’s Executive Leadership Programme

Optimise your abilities and turn challenges into career-building opportunities. This programme is for women in any industry.

Programme Objective

Our empowering programme will equip you with a highly practical skill-set that allows you to enhance individual performance and organisational impact.

Key Benefits

  • Personal Leadership Development: Market a personal brand that communicates leadership qualities.
  • The Skilled Negotiator:  The most important skill that breeds success, learn to negotiate effectively. Explore different approaches & develop your own style.
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Workshops: Build rapport with audiences; convey your message with clarity; and use language & body language for impact.
  • The Art of Persuasion & Influence: Can you persuade others of your arguments irrespective of your beliefs? Can you persuade them, even if the evidence is weak? Learn how to persuade anyone in any situation.