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Who It Is For

These programmes are designed for professionals and leaders from any industry and organisation around the world seeking to significantly enhance their leadership communication skills within a short time-frame. They are suitable for all levels, from CEOs to senior level managers to newly appointed executives.


Customised Leadership Programmes

Our Customised Programmes provide leadership training to ensure that your organisation operates to the optimum level. Whether your organisation is preparing for major change or looking to build individual or organisational competency in a particular area, your leaders will gain the required skills. Invest in your workforce and you will reap the long term benefits to your organisation.


Leadership Communication Skills Programmes

Our Leadership Communication Skills portfolio comprises of 8 innovative programmes, each focused on and designed to equip you with a specific skill. Public speaking, presenting, pitching, constructing a persuasive argument, influencing, negotiating, resolving conflict and mediating, handling difficult questions and audiences –  you can choose programmes that extend your skills and understanding to achieve your organisational, personal and career objectives. Each programme can be adapted to meet the needs of clients and can, thus, be delivered at Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Each programme naturally builds on certain foundational elements such as projecting confidence and assertiveness; competence and authority; diplomacy and tact; and charisma. Each programme delivers what companies need most from their leaders – the ability to optimise organisational performance and drive competitive advantage. Mastering all 8 skills will provide you with all of the practical skills you need to succeed in your leadership role.


Leadership Development Programmes

Our 4 Leadership Development Programmes are designed for those seeking to enhance a range of skills within a short time-frame. Our highly innovative Essential Leadership Programme equips you with a unique arsenal of skills used by barristers that can be deployed to produce outstanding results in any field and in any role. Our elite Women’s Executive Leadership Programme develops the necessary skills and the leadership mindset needed to forge ahead towards becoming an effective leader in your discipline. With our Effective Interview Skills Coaching, whatever position you are seeking, you will be able to demonstrate your skills and talent, under intense scrutiny, and in a highly pressurised environment. Our fun Mock Trial Team Building Day shows you how to create a productive work environment, foster creativity and innovation, and deliver high team performance.


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