Pro-Bono Projects

Training Lawyers


We recognise the difficulties faced by lawyers in many overseas jurisdictions, particularly so where they are trying to protect and advance the interests of the most vulnerable sections of society.

In many instances, there is no public funding, resources are scarce and lawyers require further training. This has an adverse effect on access to justice by those that need it the most.




Our main objectives are:

  • Where needed, to provide advocacy training to practising lawyers and others engaged in the legal system that face difficulties in trying to provide access to justice;
  • To encourage and promote an appreciation of the concept of human rights, within the legal profession and legislative framework.

Our training programmes range from day-long conferences to small group seminars and workshops.


Training NGOs


We appreciate the crucial role that non – governmental and grassroots organisations play in advancing the interests of those who ordinarily have no voice.

In a climate in which funding is being reduced as never before, we are committed to providing pro bono training and support to organisations and individuals working for the protection of the vulnerable. By so doing, we hope to assist in promoting the interests of the groups that they represent.



We aim to provide:

  • Leadership skills to senior personnel so as to assist in the smooth running of the internal affairs of the organisation;
  • Communication skills to personnel at all levels so that they can operate as a cohesive unit, putting forward a unified message from the organisation;
  • Communication skills that enable the organisation to deal with influential agencies and actors in an effective manner.

Whether it’s publicising a campaign, giving public presentations, dealing with the media, lobbying influential actors, seeking funding from donors, or dealing with members of the public, good leadership and communications skills are key to making a meaningful impact. We work in partnership with these organisations in order to provide the appropriate training.

Our trainers assist in training NGOs and grassroots organisations overseas as well as domestically.

Our training programmes range from day-long conferences to small group seminars and workshops.


Training Students


Recognising and nurturing the talent within young people who find themselves in the most challenging of circumstances is something that we are committed to.

Working with a variety of schools and colleges both domestically and overseas, it is our aim to provide leadership and communication skills training to help young people realise their full potential and goals.

We firmly believe that the skills we teach provide a strong foundation for success in their academic, professional and personal life.

Ranging from large conferences, small group sessions to intensive seminars and workshops, students have the opportunity to benefit from the range of expertise at our disposal.