CfL Executive Institute

What We Offer

Our CfL Executive Institute will equip you with essential skills that will help you achieve your organisational, personal and career objectives. Our programmes are highly innovative and our exclusive selection of trainers, composed of UK barristers and Queens Counsel, have a proven track record of the highest levels of success in using the skills they will teach you. There are no other programmes like ours, anywhere in the world.


Who It Is For

These programmes are designed for professionals and leaders from any industry and organisation around the world seeking to significantly enhance their leadership communication skills and legal compliance within a short time-frame. They are suitable for all levels, from CEOs to senior level managers to newly appointed executives.


Customised Programmes

Our Customised Programmes provide leadership and compliance training to ensure that your organisation operates at optimum levels. Whether your organisation is preparing for major change or looking to build individual or organisational competency in a particular area, your leaders will gain the required skills. Invest in your workforce and you will reap the long term benefits to your organisation.


Leadership Communication Skills Programmes

Our Leadership Communication Skills portfolio comprises of 12 innovative programmes. Each programme, of 1-5 days duration, is focused on and designed to equip you with specific skills. You can choose programmes that extend your skills and understanding to achieve your organisational, personal and career objectives. And, each programme delivers what companies need most from their leaders – the ability to optimise organisational performance and drive competitive advantage.


Legal & Regulatory Compliance Programmes

Our Legal & Regulatory Compliance portfolio comprises of 6 informative programmes which, firstly, help to raise awareness of inappropriate behaviour and activities and to consequently create a workplace environment which is conducive to productivity. Secondly, our Compliance training can also help you defend your organisation against any alleged breaches of the law and/or the relevant regulatory framework.

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