CfL Student Academy

What We Offer

Our Student Academy offers an innovative leadership development opportunity, which helps the leaders of tomorrow realise their full potential. Whatever your academic interests and your professional ambitions may be, our programme will teach you highly sought-after skills that will lay the foundations for success.


The Impact Of Our Programmes

Our unique programmes are designed to propel participants towards success in both education and work. They will help to prepare you for further education, university applications, internships, job interviews and to excel in your chosen field. By developing the necessary skills and leadership mindset needed to forge ahead towards your academic and career goals, we will help you unlock your potential.


Debating Club – Feb 2019. Applications open!

Our highly interactive Programme helps students develop powerful persuasion and public speaking skills. They learn how to structure arguments, prepare debate cases, research evidence, prepare rebuttals, deliver speeches and refute opponents. In addition to learning debating skills, students will feel an increase in confidence and self-esteem, learn critical thinking skills and improve communication with their peers. CFL will run two debating clubs for the following Academic Year groups:

(1) Year 5 & 6

(2) Years 7, 8

Learning to debate equips students with an invaluable skill-set for all of life’s challenges, whether in academia or employment.  At CfL, we believe that debating from an early stage instills these skills in the student thereby becoming second nature. Learn the art of debating from UK barristers and set yourself on course to realise your potential as a leader of tomorrow.


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