CfL Oxford Academy

What We Offer

Our Future Leaders Programme is an innovative leadership development opportunity, which helps the leaders of tomorrow realise their full potential. Whatever your academic interests and your professional ambitions may be, our summer programme will teach you highly sought-after skills that will lay the foundations for your success.

Our exhilarating programme brings together students aged 18-22 to participate in a two week residential course at the prestigious Christ Church College or Merton College, University of Oxford. You will live and learn on the College grounds and dine daily in the magnificent dining halls, You will receive intensive leadership training through a range of interactive lectures, workshops and seminars, student competitions, and talks from inspirational speakers. Educational excursions include tour of the famous Bodleian Library, visits to the University parks and Botanic gardens, excursions to the courts, and tour of the Houses of Parliament. Our lively, organised social programme includes croquet in the beautiful Masters Garden, punting on the river, and productions in West End theatres. You will be trained in leadership skills by some of the UK’s top barristers and Queens Counsel. There is no other student programme like this.

The Impact Of Our Programme

Our unique programme is designed to propel participants towards success in both education and work. They will help to prepare you for university applications, internships, job interviews and to excel in your chosen field. By developing the necessary skills and leadership mindset needed to forge ahead towards your career goals, you will become an effective leader in your discipline.

This exhilarating and invaluable course will run every summer at Christ Church College and Merton College, University of Oxford. Applications are now being accepted. Limited availability.

Apply as soon as possible to secure your place. We look forward to seeing you next summer!


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