Skills You Learn


Art of Pitching

We will equip you with skills to enhance your ability to sell ideas, products or services and win business investment. Learn how to influence and persuade.


Conflict Management

We will equip you with skills to manage conflict. Learn to resolve matters in a constructive and meaningful way by using the principles of mediation.


Personal Branding

We will equip you with the skills you need to secure that sought-after position and to ensure that your career path is heading in the right direction.


Dynamic Communicator

We will ensure that you are fully equipped to deal with daily, multiple challenges you face, whether in a personal or professional context.


Personal Impact

A few simple changes in your personal leadership style can increase your impact. We will equip you with the necessary practical skills.


Presentation Skills

The extra dynamics of using visual aids and interacting with the audience impacts upon how you structure and deliver your presentation.


Public Speaking

We will equip you with the tools and techniques needed to become a highly confident, influential public speaker.


Skilled Negotiator

We will help you to develop flexibility so that you can deploy a range of skills, approaches and strategies that will give you the best results.


Art of Networking

We will help you understand the importance of strategic networking to accelerate and sustain personal and organisational growth.


Performance Teams

We will teach you how to build, manage and drive your team’s performance and to ensure that they function at optimum levels.



Managing Meetings

Whether facilitating high-stakes meetings, daily business or large public meetings, ensure successful outcomes are reached in the desired time frame.


Talent Management

Learn to create a work environment that recognises the value in talent and maximises the importance of everyone’s contribution.



Authentic Leadership

Explore your leadership style and become more authentic. See your values translate into leadership action, and build a motivated and creative workforce.



Learn techniques to address challenges of inspiring and guiding the workforce; articulating organisational strategy; and developing culture and brand.



Scrutiny Skills

Ask the right questions to get to the heart of issues, expand your range of vision, make better decisions, and inspire new ways of thinking.


Persuasive Questioning

Use cross-examination techniques deployed by barristers in court, and convince managers, team members, and competitors to accept your position.