Essential Leadership Programme

Essential Leadership Programme

Our innovative programme equips you with a unique arsenal of skills to achieve outstanding results in any field.

Programme Objectives

Learn closing speech techniques to address leadership challenges; cross-examination techniques to influence others; and direct examination techniques to scrutinise & make better decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Closing Arguments: Persuasive Speeches: Good & bad facts; analysis & explanations; rigour & passion are masterfully woven together into a compelling speech. This technique can address leadership challenges of inspiring and guiding the workforce; articulating organisational strategy; & strengthening culture/ brand.
  • Persuading Through Cross-Examination A masterful cross-examination can yield exceptional results, leaving little room for disagreement. It can persuade even the staunchest of opponents.
  • Direct Examination: Skilful Scrutiny A trial technique used for scrutiny, it can be used as a management tool to guide & empower; scrutinise decisions; and to generate fresh ideas and solutions.