Why Choose Us

Our Programmes Will Meet Your Specific Needs.

Whoever you are and whatever the needs of your organisation, we have the requisite expertise to help. We offer exceptional skills-based training:

Our Executive programmes focus on a particular leadership communications skill-set or legal compliance knowledge. Our Student programmes are designed to prepare them for further education, internships and graduate employment. Our Customised Programmes are  tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals and organisations.

Our Tutors Are Of The Highest Calibre.

UK trained barristers are universally recognised as the finest advocates in the world. Our select team of trainers consist of leading UK barristers and Queen’s Counsel (QCs). So you will be trained by the best of the best. With decades of experience in high-stakes, high-pressure environments, their leadership and communication skills are second-to-none. Sharply honed expertise in persuading hostile judges, expert witnesses and unsympathetic juries to accept their positions is an invaluable transferable skill that will bring you or your organisation immense rewards.

Our Course Content Is Truly Unique.

Each programme is designed to equip you with specific skills. In order to meet the aims and objectives of each course, we will work through an array of specifically designed exercises. The techniques and skills you learn are transferable and can be applied successfully in any context – business, academia or in your personal life.

Our Programmes Are Quality Assured.

We have a dedicated Quality Assurance team that rigorously monitors and reviews our curricula, course content, trainers, training methods, and participants feedback in order to continuously improve the content and delivery of our programmes. We are committed to providing you with a learning experience of the highest standard.

We Teach In A Highly Interactive And Nurturing Environment.

Our training methods are highly interactive. Participants are generally taught in small group sessions where they can practice new skills in a safe and nurturing environment with like minded individuals.

Our Teaching Venues Are Conducive To Learning.

We believe in delivering our programmes at venues that are conducive to learning. Our selection of prestigious and world renowned venues provide a beautiful and inspirational setting within which to learn, reflect, re-energise and re-focus. Participants have the opportunity to get away from the bustle and distractions of the workplace and train in tranquil surroundings. Our venues provide a distinctive environment in which to create challenging, powerful and memorable learning experiences.